My How To Guide To Surviving High School(Letter To Freshman)

Dear, Incoming Freshman

Welcome to Heights freshman, I bet you´re super nervous about being in a high school now rather than being in middle school. High school is very different from middle school, but you have nothing to worry about. Heights is actually a really cool place and I´m sure you´ll have fun and make a lot of great memories because I sure did. In this letter, I´ll be giving you some advice on how to get through your first year successfully, I hope you find them helpful!

My How To Guide To Surviving High School:

Ok so surviving high school isn´t hard at all, but it still isn´t easy either. So these are just some tips for you that could possibly help you along the way. I used these tips and it got me through the year very well 🙂

  • Tip 1: Hang out with people that make you happy and have your back

Ok so high school is the place that you will find who are actually your friends or who are just fake. My advice is to find a group of friends who actually have your back and do not make you want to do things that you do not want to do. High school is to have fun, not getting in trouble because you got mixed in with the wrong group. Also stay out of drama, it´s not worth it at all

  • Tip 2: Actually take classes that you know you want or classes that might be to advance for you

This is very important tip because picking your classes is one of the most important things to do. Please do not pick a class just because your friend is in it, pick a class that you are actually interested in and that could help you. Also do not pick classes that you know FOR SURE that you won´t do well in because it might take a long time for you to get out of that class, which could cause your grade to drop.

  • Tip 3: Join some extra activities in school

This tip I really like because I joined the volleyball team this year and I enjoyed it, I´m also in orchestra too. If you choose to join extra activities they really open new doors to people and events. You could branch out and find new people and maybe even discover something about yourself that you never knew. At Heights we have many clubs that you could join and connect with people.

  • Tip 4: Do not pick so many activities that allows you not to keep up/ Good time management

Ok I have to be honest…I struggled with this a lot this year. Its not a good idea to book your schedule so high with things that could cause you to fall behind. If you time manage right, you could balance all these things, but if not…you might be like me and have multiple breakdowns through the year. So don´t be like me and have better time management please, it´ll help a lot

  • Tip 5: Be yourself

This tip is one that I really want to stress because there are so many people that will try to beat you down in high school, but don´t let it get to you because who are they to say things to you. No offense to the people, but most likely they´ll be a bum after high ya know what I mean. Everyone in high school is trying to find themselves and this might cause people to become ¨edgy¨ and total jerks. So my advice is just let it roll off your back and look at the positives in life rather than what they say.


Ok! so those were some tips that I just had for you. I really hope you find them helpful and could make your freshman year a blast rather than a flop. If you need more advice or just want to rant about your life, you could contact me on Snapchat or Instagram, I´m open to rant or if you just want to sit and talk, we could figure out a place at school and I could try to help

Snapchat: adoreu1496

Instagram: adoreu1496

(I´m not original with names, so literally my snap and insta are the same sooo)

The Happiest and Saddest Moments

I don´t think I´ll ever forget the happiest moments

but I´ll never forget the saddest moments either

The feeling of being only the age of 13

knowing the smell of a hospital by heart

as your dad goes through treatments

The feeling of being only 13

and having parties with your friends while smiling

But life is filled of the happiest

and saddest


The feeling of warmth as you see your family together

your grandma smiling with her 94 year old wisdom

The feeling of despair as your childhood dog died during the year

These are the happiest

and saddest

moments of life

Its what shapes us

molds us like wet clay

I believe thats what makes life

so enjoyable

moments that can leave a mark

for change

People might say that I wasn´t quite happy

during those moments

but I was changing happiness in my soul

Count Out Three Game

This week our challenge was to play the Count Of Three game which is when you go to one person´s site then go onto their blog roll and pick another person, continue the steps until you get to the third person´s blog. You then pick a post that you find interesting, read the post and then comment. I went to three blogs and these are the comments that I left comments on


Why I chose to read their post Preserve Our Cinema Feeling :

I chose this blog because cinema are starting to be not as popular as they usually are. I wanted to see how the author would argue the point because many people that I know use a FireStick, which allows you to watch movies that are not even out of cinema yet. My house hold uses one, but sometimes it doesn´t have the best quality. The cinema is still a fun experience and I love watching movies there, but it gets so expensive.


Why I chose to read their post Going Aboard :

I chose this blog because I always wondered what it was like to go aboard and learn in another country, I was thinking of trying to do it. However it could be really hard to adjust, just like how the blogger stated. The blog was pretty interesting to read because of how the bloggers and I´s views really matched on the topic.


 Why I chose to read their post Set Spike Receive Dive Volleyball :

I chose this blog because I love volleyball, it´s my favorite sport and I even played for my school this year. The blogger really went into how hard volleyball really can be, people always talk about how they don´t think its hard and that there´s nothing to it, but they are wrong. It also showed how much teamwork can go into the sport and makes the experience even better.

And this was the Count Out Three Game, it was pretty cool and you guys should try it out! Thanks for reading my post 🙂


K-pop: Attention In America

K-pop, what´s that?

In America we have many genres of music that are very popular from Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Dubstep, etc. However a new genre that is not even from America is beginning to draw attention and it is called K-pop, which is starting to become mainstream in America. K-pop stands for Korean Pop and is widely recognize throughout the world and the attention is starting to become bigger here in America. K-pop is loved for the groups of multiple talented members, the music videos, and for the complicated dances. The groups have rappers, dancers, vocals, visuals, and sometimes the members are also the composers, producers, songwriters, and choreographers of their songs and performances. K-pop members are called Idols and are very respected for the hard work and time they put into debuting, most trainees work for multiple months or even years before finally becoming a group and debuting. If you want to learn more about K-pop here are some sites you can check to find more info: K-pop Wiki and Allkpop.  Now the love of the music is spreading from South Korea Tv and Awards to yours.

(From BTS Official Twitter)


K-pop has been around longer than I have been alive and it´s increasing everyday, however I never noticed that it has always been around me before I even got into K-pop. K-pop has been slowly coming into the American industry going from their music playing in commercials, programs featured on American networks, or even K-pop artist making American debuts. Some very famous groups that have made it into the American eye, are: Big Bang, 2ne1, Girls Generation, BTS, and Psy. I think you all remember Psy? The guy who made ¨Gangnam Style¨ that went on to be the most viewed music video on Youtube with more than 2 billion views and gained attention all around the. He even went on to make the next popular song called ¨Gentleman,¨ that reached more than 1 billion views and then made the song ¨Daddy,¨ which reached over 200 million. 2ne1 were featured in the Tv series America´s Next Top Model and their song ¨I AM THE BEST¨ was featured in a Microsoft commercial. Big Bang became world wide and has influenced many artist, them even getting their own Youtube Red series and even winning Best World Artist and Best Asia and Pacific Act in 2011 from the MTV Award Show. Girls Generation in 2011 performed in New York at Madison Square Garden. BTS also known as Bangtan Boys is gaining more attention in America due to them being the first ever k-pop group to be nominated for the BillBoard Awards as the Top Social Artist of 2017.

(My Photo, he spelled Jungkook´s name wrong)

Many Korean Artist have branched out and have even debuted in the American Music Industry, some artist are: Jay Park, Dean, CL, Eric Nam, Rain, etc. The popular boy group BTS has also collabed with many American artist and even being recognized by other artist. Charlie Puth shouted out at Jungkook on Twitter from the cover he did of  ¨We Don´t Talk Anymore¨. Namjoon(Rapmon) from the same group recently had a collab with Wale called ¨Change¨. Another famous celebrity has shared his love of K-pop all over Twitter, Jaden Smith has declared his love of K-pop for a while now and even wants to become a K-pop star himself.

(My Photo)

There are many other artist are very popular in America and have be taking tours such as: Seventeen, Exo, and Shinee. Every year an event called Kcon is held primarily in New York and LA that highlights K-pop and it´s artist are showcased. The event is very popular and the interest is growing everyday.

Namjoon´s ¨Change¨ ft. Wale:



BTS won Top Social Artist and have gone down in history as the first ever kpop group to win at the BBMAS

Videos of 2ne1, Big Bang, and Girls Generation:

The Story Of My Big Crazy Family

My Family

I love my family I really do, but sometimes….things can get pretty hectic. My family consist of about more than 10 people, most of them are boys too. I used to for the longest be the youngest girl in the family, until my cousin Julia and Addison were born. Family is one of the most important things in my life, but not when you have 5+ guy cousins whom most of them are under 6 years old. My guy cousins consist of: Khegan, Riley, Micah Jayden, Logan,Grayson, Brody. Khegan and Riley are both around my age, being 15 and 14, and they are literally the only cousins that are even close to my age. My girl cousins are Brittany, Jordan, Julia, and Addison. Addison was born late last year and she is probably the cutest little baby you will ever see. The rest of my family is uncles, aunts, grandmas, and grandpas, and I love them more than anything.

The Story Of The Craziest Bunch

Living in a large family is great and all, but it has it´s moments of crazy. When my whole family is together you better bet that it will be a party. My cousins are everywhere, you can not control them at all. The 3 Stooges (What we call Jayden, Logan, and Grayson) are the wildest of the bunch. I don´t even think they know what the word calm even means. Micah is the quietest of the crew, he´s around Grayson´s age, but he is so frail and small. When the 4 of those boys are together they will be all over the place. It can get annoying especially if it´s a party to just chill and have a nice time with family, but then you have to babysit them and make sure they don´t break anything. Other than my cousins, my aunt Vicky…. she´s another story, a good story though. She´s one of the craziest people I know and she´s super funny. I love going over to her house because she´s really easy to talk to and I´m able to tell her things that I´m not able to tell my parents. My aunt is just so refreshing to be around, she really knows how to lift up my spirits. My whole family is almost exactly like my aunt, which makes it even better. They are very supportive to me and encourage me so much in my life. My grandma Linda is probably the most supportive person in my life, she has always been there for me whenever I needed someone. I would do anything for her, no matter what it is. In the end,  my family is a huge part of my life and I´m so glad that I was able to be born into an amazing family like this.

Learning About Global Issues

This week´s challenge we are working with global issues, creating and educating ourselves about things that are affect hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. The challenge gave use websites and games to look at that would help or give us more information on global issues. The website I decided to choose was We Stories, and this is the review that I would like to give to this certain website.

We Stories Review

I really enjoyed this website, it really tackles issues that are very sad to read, but that´s reality. An article that I enjoyed was a editor explaining her experience in India and witnessing child labor. She also talks about how she built helped build a school which had a 8 year old helping the build. She explains that, ¨All of my hypothetical interventions are irrational, and not nearly enough. The problem is much bigger than the girl, who can’t be rescued without an alternative solution. Fighting the systemic problem is what will ultimately let kids be kids¨(Hewitt para 14) I love how she explained it and it really brought a lot of emotion to me. If you want to read the whole article here is the link:Child labor

This whole website just gives off empowerment, the stories open your eyes to the struggles and achievements that people have had. People are always looking for new ways to help the world and its problems, I find that so inspiring to read. These articles show how many people have worked themselves through the dust and have made something, making people see how they can help. A good example is Malala Yousafzai, she was shot in the head by the Taliban, survived, and is telling her story and encouraging to use their most powerful weapon, their voice. An article on We shares a speech that Malala gave and the whole thing was very inspirational, she´s a powerful woman. I really like how We shares these kind of stories with people.

(Photo by, We Day UK Stage 2017)

If I had to give a rate it would probably be a 10/10, it´s very informational and is a good source for global issues and addressing them. I would recommended this website to anyone if they asked me.

Child Abuse: An Untold Story

Abuse is a horrible act that affects more than 3 million child abuse cases have surfaced every year in the U.S., according to the website Childhelp . Children all over the world have been exposed to the abuse behavior of their parents or their guardian. The abuse can cause injuries, emotional distress or harm, and even death of the child. The website states that, ¨There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse¨. These forms can cause even more damage to the child, these damages even be permanent to the individual lives, following the child all the way to their adulthood life. According to the statics from the same website, ¨28.3% of adults report being physically abused as a child, 20.7% of adults report being sexually abused as a child, 10.6% adults report being emotionally abused as a child¨. When adding up all the percents reported, 59.6% adults have reported being abused during their lifetime. That is more than half reporting the shocking truth of child abuse in America.


How To See The Signs Of Abuse

A photo showing an example of abuse by trennyyy

There are many signs to notice if you suspect that someone is being abused, there are behavioral and physical signs that could tell you if the person is being abused or another matter is occurring. The website MyFlorida helps explain the common signs of abuse. According to the same website it states that some physical signs are, ¨Bruises (old and new, clustered on one part of body, or on both upper arms), Burns, Cuts or scars, Marks left by a gag (or some form of restraint), Imprint injuries (eg., marks shaped like fingers, thumbs, hands, belts or sticks), Missing teeth, Spotty balding (from pulled hair), Eye injuries (black eyes or detached retinas), Broken bones, Sprains¨. If you notice these on an individual or child they may be experiencing abuse in their household or self where. However they do not fully in case that the child is being abused, but rather something else is happening. Behavioral signs are also very important and can help you see if something is wrong. MyFlorida explains that some behavioral signs are , “CHANGES in the way affection is shown, especially if unusual or inappropriate, Suddenly fears being touched, Sudden onset of nightmares, CHANGES in sleep patterns; difficulty sleeping, Sudden regression to childlike behaviors (i.e., bed-wetting, thumb-sucking), Sudden unusual interest in or knowledge of sexual matters (including excessive masturbation), Cruelty to animals, Sudden fear of bathing or toileting, Sudden fear of a person or place, Depression, withdrawal, or mood swings, ANY UNEXPLAINED CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR”. These behavioral signs are very common when a child or individual when subjected to abuse or any other issues with the child. Abuse can change a person emotionally and physically, looking out for these signs can help you save or help a person.

Here´s a video that can help explain more signs of each form of abuse:

Signs of abuse

Websites To Help

There are many websites out on the internet that could help you be able to help end child abuse and give more information on this subject. Some good websites to check out are:

Children Administration: “Child Abuse Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse America: “10 Ways To Help

Works Cited:



Trennyyy´s Abuse Photo

My Top 5 Favorite Artist

We all have our favorite artist and groups and it might be really hard to pick a top 10, so I made a top 5. Boy was it hard for me, but I really wanted to share these artist because a lot of people do not know about them and I would love to share them with everyone. I would love to give you guys some information on them too, so here are my

 Top 5 Favorite Artist:

1. The1975:

The1975 is an English rock band that is from Manchester, there are 4 members in the band. Matthew “Matty” Healy is the lead singer and rhythm guitar, Adam Hann is the lead guitar, Ross McDonald plays the bass, and finally George Daniel plays the drums. They’ve been playing together since teenagers. This year they won the Brit Award for The Best British Group. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs by The1975, some of my other favorite songs from The1975 are: Somebody Else, Ugh!, Girls, and Chocolate.


2. Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter. Ed Sheeran in 2011 released his debut album “+”. He also won the Ivor Novello Award in 2011 for his song “The A Team”, he gained even more attention when he made a guest appearance in Taylor Swifts “Red”  album. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs from his new album, some of my other favorite songs from Ed are: Galley Girl, Shape of You, Small Bump, Nina, Sing, and I see fire.

3. Weezer:

Weezer is an American Rock Band that was formed in 1992. The band has 4 members, Rivers Cuomo is the lead singer and guitar, Patrick Wilson plays the drums, Brian Bell plays the guitar, keyboard, and also does backup vocals, finally is Scott Shriner who plays bass guitar and does backup vocals. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs by Weezer, some of my other favorite songs by Weezer are: Say it ain´t so, Beverly Hills, and Feels Like Summer.

4. Gorillaz:

Gorillaz is a 3D animation British band created by Damon Albran and Jamie Hewlett. The band has 4 virtual members, 2D who is the lead singer and keyboard, Noodle who plays the guitar, keyboard, and does backup vocals, Murdoc Niccals plays the guitar and vocals, and last but not least Russel who plays the drums and does percussion. The band is very famous due to the virtual aspect of the whole band’s concept. The band as also been labeled as many genres due to their unique sound. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs by the Gorillaz, some of my other favorite songs by Gorillaz are: The Apprentice, Feel Good Ink, On Melancholy Hill, Dirty Harry, and DARE.

5. Marina and the Diamonds:

Marina and the Diamonds is a Welsh singer-songwriter, she is well known for her retro and cartoonish style. Her genre of music is described as an indie pop and new wave. Her debut album “The Family Jewels” placed fifth in the UK Album Charts and it was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs from Marina and the Diamonds, some of my other favorite songs by Marina are:How To Be A Heartbreaker, Power & Control, and Hollywood.

Honorable Mentions:

Jon Bellion

Lana Del Ray

Panic at the Disco

Twenty One Pilots




Thank you for reading my post and I hope you give these artist a listen. If you gave them a listen or already know about these artist, leave a comment and tell my what you think about them! 🙂

Credit to Wikipedia for extra information of all artist listed



Ed Sheeran:



Marina and the Diamonds: