K-pop: Attention In America

K-pop, what´s that?

In America we have many genres of music that are very popular from Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Dubstep, etc. However a new genre that is not even from America is beginning to draw attention and it is called K-pop, which is starting to become mainstream in America. K-pop stands for Korean Pop and is widely recognize throughout the world and the attention is starting to become bigger here in America. K-pop is loved for the groups of multiple talented members, the music videos, and for the complicated dances. The groups have rappers, dancers, vocals, visuals, and sometimes the members are also the composers, producers, songwriters, and choreographers of their songs and performances. K-pop members are called Idols and are very respected for the hard work and time they put into debuting, most trainees work for multiple months or even years before finally becoming a group and debuting. If you want to learn more about K-pop here are some sites you can check to find more info: K-pop Wiki and Allkpop.  Now the love of the music is spreading from South Korea Tv and Awards to yours.

(From BTS Official Twitter)


K-pop has been around longer than I have been alive and it´s increasing everyday, however I never noticed that it has always been around me before I even got into K-pop. K-pop has been slowly coming into the American industry going from their music playing in commercials, programs featured on American networks, or even K-pop artist making American debuts. Some very famous groups that have made it into the American eye, are: Big Bang, 2ne1, Girls Generation, BTS, and Psy. I think you all remember Psy? The guy who made ¨Gangnam Style¨ that went on to be the most viewed music video on Youtube with more than 2 billion views and gained attention all around the. He even went on to make the next popular song called ¨Gentleman,¨ that reached more than 1 billion views and then made the song ¨Daddy,¨ which reached over 200 million. 2ne1 were featured in the Tv series America´s Next Top Model and their song ¨I AM THE BEST¨ was featured in a Microsoft commercial. Big Bang became world wide and has influenced many artist, them even getting their own Youtube Red series and even winning Best World Artist and Best Asia and Pacific Act in 2011 from the MTV Award Show. Girls Generation in 2011 performed in New York at Madison Square Garden. BTS also known as Bangtan Boys is gaining more attention in America due to them being the first ever k-pop group to be nominated for the BillBoard Awards as the Top Social Artist of 2017.

(My Photo, he spelled Jungkook´s name wrong)

Many Korean Artist have branched out and have even debuted in the American Music Industry, some artist are: Jay Park, Dean, CL, Eric Nam, Rain, etc. The popular boy group BTS has also collabed with many American artist and even being recognized by other artist. Charlie Puth shouted out at Jungkook on Twitter from the cover he did of  ¨We Don´t Talk Anymore¨. Namjoon(Rapmon) from the same group recently had a collab with Wale called ¨Change¨. Another famous celebrity has shared his love of K-pop all over Twitter, Jaden Smith has declared his love of K-pop for a while now and even wants to become a K-pop star himself.

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There are many other artist are very popular in America and have be taking tours such as: Seventeen, Exo, and Shinee. Every year an event called Kcon is held primarily in New York and LA that highlights K-pop and it´s artist are showcased. The event is very popular and the interest is growing everyday.

Namjoon´s ¨Change¨ ft. Wale:



BTS won Top Social Artist and have gone down in history as the first ever kpop group to win at the BBMAS

Videos of 2ne1, Big Bang, and Girls Generation:

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  1. Trinitty,
    I had never heard of K-Pop until I read your post but I do remember Psy and has song. I tend to listen to my favourite types of music now, but I might need to look into K-Pop.

    1. You should look into Seventeen, Bts, Exo, and Blackpink. They are very good groups and hopefully you enjoy

  2. I LOVE K-POP!
    Especially BTS, 2pm, CNBLUE and Got7! If you haven’t heard of them you should really check them out! and if you already did, Who is your favorite? XD
    I hope you will visit my blog as well!!


    E L L A

    1. I love all of those groups so much, they´re my babies <3 My bias in BTS are Hoseok, Yoongi, and basically all of them. In Got7 my bias are Jackson, Bambam, Youngjae, and JB. My favorite group is Seventeen , those 13 boys are literally my whole world right now and I don´t regret getting into the Seventeen Fandom, Carats. Do you like Seventeen???

  3. I knew K-Pop before, but you really gave a good overview of this scene. Nice presentation, a lot of information, links and pictures. Over all an interesting, informative text. I’m not a Pop-Fan myself, but I might give this a listen 🙂

    Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic,

    PS: Here’s my blog: http://5owlsluci.edublogs.org/

  4. Before reading your blog entry on K-Pop, I didn´t know what that is, I haven´t even heard the name in my entire life. But luckily I saw your text and now I know what that is, it isn´t really that important, but always good to know.

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