Count Out Three Game

This week our challenge was to play the Count Of Three game which is when you go to one person´s site then go onto their blog roll and pick another person, continue the steps until you get to the third person´s blog. You then pick a post that you find interesting, read the post and then comment. I went to three blogs and these are the comments that I left comments on


Why I chose to read their post Preserve Our Cinema Feeling :

I chose this blog because cinema are starting to be not as popular as they usually are. I wanted to see how the author would argue the point because many people that I know use a FireStick, which allows you to watch movies that are not even out of cinema yet. My house hold uses one, but sometimes it doesn´t have the best quality. The cinema is still a fun experience and I love watching movies there, but it gets so expensive.


Why I chose to read their post Going Aboard :

I chose this blog because I always wondered what it was like to go aboard and learn in another country, I was thinking of trying to do it. However it could be really hard to adjust, just like how the blogger stated. The blog was pretty interesting to read because of how the bloggers and I´s views really matched on the topic.


 Why I chose to read their post Set Spike Receive Dive Volleyball :

I chose this blog because I love volleyball, it´s my favorite sport and I even played for my school this year. The blogger really went into how hard volleyball really can be, people always talk about how they don´t think its hard and that there´s nothing to it, but they are wrong. It also showed how much teamwork can go into the sport and makes the experience even better.

And this was the Count Out Three Game, it was pretty cool and you guys should try it out! Thanks for reading my post 🙂


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